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Welcome to the web version of my Teen RA Book! That's librarian speak for "here you will find custom lists of teen books from every genre", and "here you will find links to lists that other awesome people have made on the Internet". Updated annually, organized kind-of-logically. Click on any title to open the list of your choosing.

Genres & Read-a-Likes:

Adult Books for Teen Readers: the 2014 Alex Award Winners
This is my favorite award of the year (take that, Oscars!) -- The Alex is awarded to ten books written for adults that have special teen appeal. Some of my favorite books of all time have been Alex Award winners.

Suggested reads for grades 6, 7, 8 and beyond put together by Melanie Dyroff, School Library Media Specialist, and myself. Organized by genre, we toil away on this precious list to have it ready for you by Summer Reading season.

What to Read If You Can't Get Your Hands On... Divergent

What to Read If You Can't Get Your Hands On... The Fault in Our Stars

NEW: Wood Library: Awesome New Books for Tweens (2013-2014)

NEW: Wood Library: New Teen Romance (2013-2014)

COMING SOON! Wood Library: New Historical Fiction

COMING SOON! Wood Library: New Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Best Lists:
YALSA's Best Fiction for Young Adults (2014)
This list is massive and put together every year by Teen & YA librarians. And we know our stuff. Short on time? Skip to the Top Ten version of this list.

Teens' Top Ten Nominations (2014)
Don't just take my word for it; this list is made up of new teen titles selected by teens as "the best".

VOYA's Perfect Tens (2013)
What makes a Perfect Ten? A score of 5 "P" (popularity) and a 5 "Q" (quality) from teens and librarians. The books on this list are guaranteed awesome-sauce.

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