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There's a lot of great stuff out there on the internet... and a lot of confusing garbage. Librarians are here to help. I've compiled a list of sites I find useful and I think you will, too, from Homework Help to Health Resources to College and Career Planning... hey, and some of these sites are even fun. Click on any title to open a new window for each site. (Updated September, 2012).

General Knowledge You Will Need

A simple, straightforward guide on teen social media smarts from the good folks at ALA (American Library Association). Take 1 minute to read this. Then take 1 minute to think about it. Please. Thank you.

How to Start a Research Project
Not all websites are created equal, especially when you're looking for reliable information for school or just life in general. This page from the University at Buffalo libraries will help you start the research process on the right foot, with easy-to-follow tips on finding and evaluating websites, as well as books and articles. Part of a larger "Research Tips" guide for students.

It's the Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab)! A free service from Purdue University that covers APA, MLA and Chicago styles.

Homework Help
 OWWL Catalog (Wood Library & Pioneer Library System)

Grammar Girl (Grammar & Writing)
She's the coolest. Read or even listen to her "quick and dirty tips" on grammar, punctuation, word choice and style.

HyperGrammar (Grammar & Writing)
Brush up on your grammar skills by topic, including helpful examples that will help you sort through both the simple and complex rules.

CIA World Fact Book (Social Studies)
Use this site's interactive world map to explore countries and cultures from around the globe.

Discovery Channel (Social Studies, Science)
Provides resources for students by subject, including interactive games to maximize and explore learning. You can also stream great videos and webinars on a variety of research topics.

PBS News for Students (History, Social Studies, Current Events)
U.S. and World news for students like you. A great site for finding news articles for a variety of research topics, or just for browsing and staying informed about the world around you.

Dr. Math (Math, duh)
Math Q&A and help organized by grade level.

Biographies (History, Social Studies, Current Events)
From Lady Gaga to Mother Theresa to Barack Obama.

A great way to browse your way through the history of poetry from the folks over at the Academy for American Poets.

Bummed about the Bard? This site provides a wealth of factoids about Shakespeare and his works, including plot summaries to help wrap your head around these classic plays that you will inevitably encounter before you leave high school.

Homework Help: Indexes & Quizzes
Because I can't do it all, guys... this page is an index of great websites for teens. There are even better indexes out there that can help with your homework, studying or research. Check these out:

I can’t do it all… but B.J. Pinchbeck can! This site indexes homework helps sites by topic… kind of like what you see here, but much more comprehensive. Browse by subject or check out an alphabetical list of sites. Very useful.

VOYA YA Clicks: Homework Help (Index)
A best-of-the-best of current (Oct '13) homework help sites reviewed and rated by (my favorite publication) VOYA (Voice Of Youth Advocates) using their amazing, patented rating system. Math, physics, history, and more.

ThinkQuest (Index)
Educational websites created by students like you as part of the ThinkQuest Competition. Browse sites on every educational topic imaginable, and narrow your search by age level.

I heart this site. I want to be this site. Great navigation to help you find information to help you with school, life, friends, work and fun.

Quizzes galore can be found on the homepage of this site, but the link above takes you directly to geography quizzes to help you study in style. Though you’re more than welcome to take that quiz on popular songs of the 1990s…

Quiz Hub (Quizzes)
Mo’ quizzes on school subjects for grades K-12.

 College and Career Planning

SAT, college and financial aid information & planning tools.

A search engine that allows you to build a customized list of colleges matching your needs and interests (majors, location, sports, etc.). Click on "College Search" to get started. This site also allows you to apply to multiple colleges with one common web application, saving you duplicate work.
View over 60,000+ college catalogs.

This site aims to not only help you prepare for higher education, but to decide if higher education is right for you in the first place. View "Risk and Rewards" info-graphics, prepare for tests, explore which careers & majors are up-and-coming and which are on the decline, or try the interactive "college matchmaker".

If you plan on going to college and applying for financial aid, you (and your parents) will become very familiar with this site :)

New York State Higher Education Services. Offers college, career and occupation planning, as well as information about military service.

My College Guide
The website companion to the popular annual publication. Includes a blog for all things college, including fun stuff like "dorm life". Helps with various stages of the college process.

View college and university profiles plus find tips on choosing, applying and paying for college.

College rankings and step-by-step help with the entire college selection process.

An index of college and university websites organized by state.

 Teen Health & Wellness

Emotions, peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, sex, stress and how to maintain good mental and physical health.

One stop shopping for all things teen health related: food, fitness, mental, sexual and physical health.

More info on sexual health and STDs, as well as expert advice on relationships.

A Q&A interface and database featuring health questions from real teens & answers from real health experts. Search the ever growing archive on a variety of topics or ask your own questions!

Recipes, ingredients, news and more.

From Seventeen magazine. Skip the ads to get to the good stuff.


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